You Don't Have to Live In Fear

You Don't Have to Live In Fear

Set up a temporary protective order with our local law firm in Athens, GA

A temporary protective order (TPO) is designed to help victims of abuse and domestic violence safeguard themselves from their abusers. When you work with a local law firm, you'll have a family law attorney by your side who can walk you through the process. The Olson Law Office is based in Athens, GA, and our lead attorney has more than a decade of experience in the courtroom.

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How does the process work?

Establishing a temporary protective order (TPO) can be a lengthy process. However, by hiring our family law attorney, you'll have a dedicated professional there to guide you every step of the way.

To establish a TPO, you will need to...

  • Meet with attorney Olson to discuss your situation
  • Present a petition to a judge in the Athens, GA area
  • Await the review process and the final decision
  • Attend a hearing within 30 days of the petition submission
  • Present evidence and witnesses to support your claims

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