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You Can Always Fight a DUI Conviction

Turn to an experienced criminal defense attorney in Athens, GA

DUI law is nuanced and complicated. If you want to best defend your interests and protect your rights, you'll need a seasoned criminal defense attorney. The lead attorney at The Olson Law Office has you covered. Attorney Olson is a member of the American Bar Association and knows the Athens, GA courts inside and out, so you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

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Know what you're up against

There are several important things to know when it comes to DUIs. For example:

  • A law enforcement officer can't stop you without reasonable and articulable suspicion of wrongdoing.
  • Traffic offenses, as well as causing an accident, are enough articulable suspicion to initiate a DUI investigation.
  • Not all DUI roadblocks are legally implemented, meaning your criminal defense attorney will need to investigate them.
  • You have 30 days after your arrest to request an ALS hearing to protect your license from a year-long suspension.
  • Your attorney can appear at your arraignment on the Monday after your arrest in your place without repercussions.
Our criminal defense law firm has been representing Athens, GA locals for over 11 years and can help you understand the details surrounding your case. Hire attorney Olson today.