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Having custody of your child is important to you, and The Olson Law Office wants to help you do what's best for your family. Attorney Olson has more than a decade of legal experience, working with clients throughout Athens, GA and surrounding areas. He will stand by your side during this process and mediate conversations to help you and your partner come to a mutual child custody agreement.

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2 types of child custody

Before you begin a legal dispute, you want to understand the types of custody involved. The two types of child custody are...

  1. Legal custody. If a parent has legal custody, that means they're able to contribute to decisions about the child's welfare, education and health care. This does not mean that the child lives with that parent.
  2. Physical custody. If a parent has physical custody, that means the child resides with them on a daily basis. In most cases, one parent has primary custody while the other has visitation rights or partial custody.
A family law attorney can help you determine which type of custody you're pursuing and the best course of action to take. Get in touch with attorney Olson today for more information.