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Are You Filing for Divorce?

Discuss your options with a family law attorney in Athens, GA

Filing for divorce is never easy. Emotions run high, and there are a lot of details to iron out. The Olson Law Office will walk you through the process of dividing your assets and filling all the necessary paperwork to finalize your split. Attorney Olson works with clients in Athens, GA and surrounding areas.

If you're filing for divorce, get legal representation from an experienced family law attorney. Contact attorney Olson today by calling 706-559-4800.

Understanding the grounds for divorce

In Athens, GA, the following scenarios are considered grounds for filing for divorce:

  • The marriage is based on fraud.
  • You have irreconcilable differences.
  • One partner committed adultery.
  • There is abuse within the marriage.
  • One partner is convicted of a crime.

Please note that these are not the only grounds for divorce in the state of Georgia. For more information, reach out to our family law firm today.