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Don't Let a Divorce Lead to Financial Hardship

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Spousal support is one of many issues you'll have to deal with after filing for divorce. The Olson Law Office in Athens, GA has the family law attorney you need. Attorney Olson will work with you to determine if you'll pay or receive spousal support, and he'll make sure you understand all your options for support.

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Wondering if you'll receive spousal support?

Sorting out issues like spousal support comes after you file for divorce. A court or your family law attorney can determine spousal support based on a wide range of factors, including:

  • How long the marriage lasted
  • The standard of living during the marriage
  • Contributions to the marriage by both parties

It also includes issues like the two spouses earning potential, age and health. Additionally, spousal support could be deemed temporary or permanent based on a variety of factors. Speak to attorney Olson today if you need representation during a divorce.